Skincare routine for a healthy skin

Following a skincare routine is healthy, no matter what skin type you belong to. Having healthy skin is directly related to how you have been taking care of it. Long negligence on your skincare routine might make you prone to having acne, scarring, or dark spots.

Skincare is health care. Though everyone has different skin, there’s a general routine that good for all types of skin. But if you are dealing with some sort of skin issues you can always take our ( help and include them to your daily care routine.

Correct skincare routine to follow

We outline to you the correct skincare routine, that’s less time-consuming, inexpensive, and gives promising results. For best results, it is recommended to practice a day time and a night time routine, along with a weekly routine.

Day Time Routine

  1. Cleansing
    Every morning when you wake up you also need to wake your skin up. So for that wash your face using warm water and a cleanser that’s appropriate to your skin type. Washing helps your skin clear out all the oil and dirt that your skin has collected overnight.
  2. Serum
    People often skip this part, but applying serum helps deal with skin issues like discoloration, acne, fine lines, or wrinkles. We usually recommend Niacinamide serum that consists of Vitamin B-3. It builds protein in the skin and locks in moisture to prevent any environmental damage. Use 2/3 drops to your skin and gently tap it to apply.
  3. Moisturizer
    Moisturizer hydrates and softens your skin. If you have oily skin, then a gel-based moisturizer is the best fit for you. Whereas, dry skin is benefitted from soft cream-based moisturizer. Lotion could also be used as a moisturizer if for a normal skin type.
  4. Sunscreen
    Sunscreen is the most crucial step of your routine. Seal the deal with an SPF30 or above sunblock. There are two kinds of sunscreen, Chemical, and Mineral, to choose from. Chemical sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays whereas Mineral sunscreen works as shields that block the sun’s rays from penetrating the skin.

Night Time Routine

  1. Clean Wash
    At night, it’s time to remove the excess oil and dirt that’s collected on your skin. Clean wash on your damp skin for better absorption. On days where you have your make-up on, it is recommended to use the “double cleansing” method by first using an oil cleanser followed by a water-based facewash.
  2.  Serum
    Same as the morning, if your skin is going with some skin issues, a serum will help to tackle them. For the night we recommend using a retinol acid serum. It consists of Vitamin A and has the power to fight against acne, skin pigmentation, and reduce aging. Apply few drops straight  away to your skin.
  3.  Moisturizer
    Finally, use a moisturizer to lock all the goodness you’ve just applied to your skin. When you wake up the next morning you get skin that’s glowing and soft. Use the moisturizer just as the same one you used in the morning.

Weekly Routine (optional)

If you care about your skin’s health a lot, you’d also like to keep a weekly routine that involves a gentle exfoliating serum. We recommend using mandelic acid weekly or 2 times a week as a mask. Apply it for 10 minutes only and rinse it with water. This helps you with your clogged pores and lightens your skin’s dark complexion. Apply moisturizer on top to secure it.

Consult us before you start

You start noticing the difference after following this general skincare routine continuously for over a month. You’ll eventually get used to this skincare routine. However, the serums and moisturizers differ according to your skin type. So for that, you might want to consult us before you start.

At, we can help you with a customized skincare package and a personalized skincare routine according to your age, skin type, and concern.
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