If your Lymphatic  system isn’t in tip-top shape, it will show in your skin. We’re taking your facial beyond just a radiant complexion, and giving you a workout for your face .

Our  HydraFacial + Lymphatic Drainage add-on will detoxify the skin, decrease Inflammation , and remove toxic buildup to reveal a healthy look and feel to the skin. Some signs you may have lymphatic fatigue:

  1. Dark circles around the eyes
  2. Puffiness to the face and around the eyes
  3.  Dull Skin
  4.  Acne
  5.  Fine lines and wrinkles

What you need to know

 Treatment: HydraFacial + Lymphatic Drainage+ customised Facial Massage +

Add ons Available

Purpose: To promote circulation and help with lymphatic drainage

Cost: Rs5000 

Length of appointment: 75 minutes

Downtime: None. Enjoy your healthy skin!

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