Enzyme Treatments are an effective method for breaking down dead cell material from the skin tissues to help you achieve glowing, healthy skin

Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy helps with;
• Acne + Congestion
• Pigmentation + Uneven skin tone
• Wrinkles + Fine lines
• Ageing + Scarring

By working to;
• Hydrolyse dead skin cells
• Increase oxygen + cellular activity
• Detoxify the skin
• Encourage new collagen + Elastin formation

You can expect;
• Glowing skin
• Firmer + tighter
• Plump + Hydrated
• Even, smoother skin tone
• Reduced fine lines

This highly result driven treatment is the PERFECT treatment before a big event or for those who really want the next level in age management.

PRICE – Rs. 7000

Session Duration- 1.50min

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